On behalf of the MyThoughtsMatter+ consumer panel, Prophis Research and Consulting Inc. would sincerely like to thank you for your interest in taking part in genuine market research! We would like to share with you more about our policies on privacy, which we review on a regular basis and update on this page as necessary.

Legitimate Marketing Research. Be assured that we are not trying to sell or promote anything. Please note also that you will never be asked to pay for becoming or for being a member of the MyThoughtsMatter+ consumer panel. We are simply interested in hearing about what you think of products and services, what you are familiar with, what you may use or not use, and the like. No personal information is sought from or about you, without your prior knowledge and agreement.

MyThoughtsMatter+ panel. With our MyThoughtsMatter+ panel, we work together with our partner firm CINT who provides the panel environment where you enter and maintain your profile information. CINT manages these surveys on our behalf and on the behalf of many other research firms in Europe and North America. As a panelist, you may receive survey invitiations through CINT to complete surveys hosted by a variety of solely legitimate research suppliers. However, please note that no other entity besides Prophis (the owner of the MyThoughtsMatter+ panel) and CINT (the administrator) will have any access to your personally identifiable data, including your e-mail address. Both Prophis and CINT will communicate with you and collect data only as is reasonable concerning the conduct of research or the administration of panel activities. For example, we require that you answer a number of profile questions prior to joining the panel so that we can provide you with invitations to surveys that are likely going to apply for you. Also, we need to know your address information to be able to process money transfers to you when you reach your preferred points level threshold.

Transparency of communication. Please note that we conduct marketing research studies using scientific methods and we promise that, in obtaining your cooperation, we will not mislead you about the general nature of the research or the use that will be made of the findings nor regarding the average time we expect that it will take to complete a survey.

Confidentiality of data. The answers you give us will be treated as confidential unless, in rare cases, where we ask for and you explicitly give your specific consent to the contrary. Should we ask you for permission to pass data on in a form which allows you to be personally identified, we will ensure that the information will be used only for the purposes that you have explicitly approved of.

Non-solicited e-mail communication. Neither we nor any partnering company of ours will send you unsolicited e-mail that does not either relate to a given research project, the administration of your account or data, or information that will be helpful to you as a panel member. Neither we or our partner CINT will pass your e-mail address to other third parties to use for any purpose.

Voluntary cooperation. As with all forms of marketing and opinion research, your cooperation is voluntary at all times. You are entitled at any stage a given research project, or subsequently, to ask that part or all of the record of your interview be destroyed or deleted. Wherever reasonable and practical we will carry out such a request.

Cookies. In the course of conducting Internet research, cookies and other similar devices may be used by us or by our partner but are used only sparingly and only for quality control, validation and to prevent bothersome repeat fielding of the same project. You can configure your browser to notify you when cookies are being placed on your computer. You can also delete cookies by adjusting your browser settings We may automatically capture information about your browser type in order to deliver an interview best suited to your software. We do no other invisible processing of data from your computer.

Protecting Children. We try our best not to interview children without first getting the permission of their parents, though we cannot always guarantee this to be the case, particularly in the case of Internet research, if the email client and Internet environment is not secured within the household. We only permit those who are 18 years of age or older to join and participate in our MyThoughtsMatter+ panel. We may ask for the ages of children in the household to facilitate the possibility of the adult panel member administering a project concerning other minors in the household, perhaps also with input mediated from these others by the adult. And in such a case, we will not seek to contact minors directly without an appropriate guardian or adult's explicity permission.

Data security. Prophis managed web sites (including MyThoughtsMatter+ panel sites) as well of those of our respective partner CINT have security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Only our employees with a legitimate reason to have access to the information you provide us with are given permission to access it and solely for legitimate purposes such as data analysis, quality control, and incentive administration purposes.

Professional Standards Adherence. We adhere to the practices of ESOMAR, which is the leading international professional body for market research in the world. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us to discuss any problems or questions with our surveys or with a particular project (see the Supprt section above).