Here are some FAQs (frequently asked questions) and some answers FYI.

I was not able to sign-up to the MyThoughtsMatter+ panel. Why and what can I do about it? There could be different reasons why you were not able to sign up successfully. If you think you experienced a technical problem, try closing all browser windows or rebooting your computer and signing up again. Feel free also to look for the appropriate support under our "Support" tab on this website. It could also be the case that you do not meet one or more of the eligibility criteria (see "Terms and Conditions" section for more details about eligibility). For example, you must be 18 years old or older and be a current resident of the US or Canada.

I know of also a MyThoughtsMatter (without the "+") panel. What is the difference between that MyThoughtsMatter panel and the MyThoughtsMatter+ panel? The MyThoughtsMatter panel offers panel members chances at sweepstakes or draws for each survey. Surveys tend to be infrequent for most panel members. It is also fully managed by Prophis. The MyThoughtsMatter+ panel, on the other hand, offers members points for each survey based on the estimated time it takes to complete and these points can be redeemed for cash. Prophis shares the management and administration of this panel with our partner CINT. Panel members can go to their profile area to review and manage their own information, which is an option not available at present with the MyThoughtsMatter panel.

Can I belong to both the MyThoughtsMatter and MyThoughtsMatter+ panels? Yes, assuming you meet the eligibility criteria, you may belong to one or both panels. Note that you must sign up to and/or unsubscribe to each one separately.

How long may I continue being a member of one or both the MyThoughtsMatter and MyThoughtsMatter+ panels? There is no time limit on how long. Simply keep your profile up to date and engage with the invitations we send you on a regular basis with the necessary due care and attention and we hope to have a long relationship with you as a member.

Signing up to MyThoughtsMatter+ is fairly straightforward. How do I sign up to the draw based MyThoughtsMatter panel? Simply click here to go to the MyThoughtsMatter consumer panel sign up area.

What are the fees or costs to becoming or being a member of either MyThoughtsMatter or MyThoughtsMatter+? Zero. We will not charge you any fees of any sort to become a member or to remain a member of either or both panels.

How does my involvement help my chosen cause or charity? For more details, please see the section entitled "Dollars and Sense". The collective action of many thousands of panel members will help provide meaningful and needed support to many worthy charities going forward, and every panel member can play an important role. It is also another good reason to tell your friends and colleagues to become active members.

When did the panel(s) begin? MyThoughtsMatter was launched in April 2004 and has been growing ever since. In 2009 and in response to requests from our panelists, Prophis created a second panel called the MyThoughtsMatter+ panel where panelists earn with every survey. Invitations are being sent out to all existing MyThoughtsMatter panel members to complete the sign-up to to MyThoughtsMatter+ panel also. Both continue to grow and many people continue to be active in both.

Can I make a lot of money conducting surveys online? In general, many claims made by various sources online about making vast sums of money are certainly unrealistic. Some online panels, like ours, are pleased to be able to offer at a monetary gesture of appreciation to our valued panel members. While this is an improvement for respondents compared to typical phone based marketing research, where respondents typically still receive no monetary reward whatsoever, the amount we are able to offer is not likely to make one wealthy. Being of member of the MyThoughtsMatter+ panel, does let you make some extra money for yourself and a charity of your choosing, which we hope shows you our appreciation for your time and insights. Of course, your engagement is also likely to have its impact on the products and services you use and to help organizations meet your needs better too. Finally, simply taking part in research itself can itself often be interesting and even fun. We hope every member finds multiple good reasons to be an active panel member.

I would like to take more surveys than you send currently... can you send me more invitations? To prevent panelists from burn-out, we usually wait at least a few days after a person has finished a survey project before we would send them an invitation to participate in another project. Other times, it might be the case that we just do not have any survey projects on the go that meet a panel member's particular profile. While we do our best to give our panel members lots of opportunities, we can not provide any guarantees for how many surveys they receive over any given period of time.

How do you check to make sure that panel members participate properly in research? The overwhelming majority of our panel members take pride in their participation in panel activities and that also makes us proud as owners and managers of the panel. To ensure quality for our clients, however, we do carry out a number of control checks and procedures on an ongoing basis to ensure quality. On occassion, we may remove a panel member from the panel over quality concerns or for prolonged periods of inactivity. This protects the integrity of the panel and the many panel members who participate in an exemplary fashion and wish to continue to do so. It also leads to good results for our clients. And good results for them, which means honest and timely feedback from our panel members, leads to more satisfaction with our service, and more successful outcomes for everyone involved.

Who owns MyThoughtsMatter? MyThoughtsMatter+ is owned by Prophis Research and Consulting Inc. which is located at Suite 706 - 318 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2V2, Canada. Contact us at: