It is pretty simple. You earn with every survey you complete and are in control of where your money goes.

The longer the survey, the more you'll earn. 
With MyThoughtsMatter+, when we send you a survey invitation, we let you know how long a survey is and what it is worth to you in points (6000 points = $10). Please note also that our US panel members are rewarded in $US and our Canadian panelists get paid in $C.

The more often you participate, the more you'll earn. 
Simply complete all the projects you are invited to participate in to maximize your earning potential. Keep in mind that you earn for a given survey only if it is complete — partial earnings are not given if you partially complete a survey.

We keep track in points, but you earn in dollars. 
At present we are using a points system to keep track of what you earn. When you hit 6000 points ($10), you can redeem the points for money if you so choose.

Simply choose the "keep all you earn" option to receive the money you earn. 
We give you the choice to either keep the money they earn or to give all the money away to a charity of their choosing. You can also change this option whenever you choose to do so in their member profile section.

Cashing out
If you chose the "keep all you earn" option, after you have reached the 6000 points level (i.e. equal to $10) with your MyThoughtsMatter+ account, click on the "Redeem" button in the "My earned points" area in your online profile and we will process the requested payment within five weeks via PayPal to the email account that we have on file with you in your personal information profile (e.g. where we normally send you your email invitations).

Getting paid electronically with PayPal
For those who are not familiar with PayPal, it is the most popular form of electronic wallet in North America, that makes it easy to buy, sell and make transactions over the internet. Here's loads of details on how it works. Many people know that one can pay for things with PayPal, but many people do not know that they can also receive money transferred to them by others. If you do not have an account already with PayPal, you will need to sign up for a "Personal" account to process the cash you receive from us (don't worry, setting up and having a PayPal account is free and easy). Once you have your PayPal account set up, you can manage your money in a number of ways. It's simple and with PayPal, you will pay no fees when receiving money from us when you simply transfer the money directly into your bank account or onto your credit card. All fees that are associated with PayPal are paid for by MyThoughtsMatter+, not you.

If you prefer to get your check in the mail
PayPal can handle that too. When you get your transfer from us via email, you can let PayPal know that you would prefer to receive a check from them. Please note that in this instance, you will need to pay an additional processing fee to them for this (currently it is $1.50 per check) to handle printing, handling, and postage overhead.

The money will not run out
As long as you keep your account with MyThoughtsMatter+ in good standing, your account and the balance on it will not expire. Keeping your account in good standing just means that you keep your profile up to date (including always having a valid email address that is in good working order!), participate in surveys received from us on a regular basis (you do not have to participate in every one, just often enough to show us you are still engaged as a panel member!), and of course provide responses truthfully and with due care and attention.

About getting a receipt for donations made to charity as a result of my participation through MyThoughtsMatter+
Due to the administrative costs that providing this option would entail, at present it is not offered. We are looking into making this option available, however, for those donating at least $20 in a year to a given charity as a result of participation with MyThoughtsMatter+. We hope to make this option available and if we are able to offer this, we will update our information on this page and inform affected panelists directly. If you would prefer having a receipt for donations made, then you might consider choosing the "keep all the money you earn" option and simply transfer money received from MyThoughtsMatter+ by PayPal directly to the charity of your choice. Most charities will then automatically issue a receipt for tax purposes directly back to you at the end of the year.

How does my chosen charity benefit?

When becoming a member of the MyThoughtsMatter+ panel, you may choose the charity from an ever growing list that you would like to receive support. You also simply choose which support option you prefer:

Option 1 (Keep all you earn and make a difference): With this option, you keep all you earn with the panel yourself. In this case, MyThoughtsMatter+ will set aside an extra 5% out of its own pocket for the charity of your choosing each time you are paid out.

Option 2 (Donate all you earn and make a BIG difference): With this second option, you donate all you earn directly to the charity of your choosing. In this option, MyThoughtsMatter+ will also donate an additional 10% out of its own pocket to the charity of your choosing.

MyThoughtsMatter+ transfers funds generated by panel activities directly to the specified charity four times each year.

If you change your mind about which option you prefer, don't worry. You may change the option you pick at any time in your online member profile area. Whichever option is valid on the day that the pay out is calculated will determine how that amount is paid out. No matter which option you pick, your continued participation with MyThoughtsMatter+ will help many deserving people.

Like to support a charity not currently on our list? Just send us an email atwith the name of the charity you would like to support. Once enough members have shown interest in supporting a new charity, we will add it to our list for all members to choose from!