Follow these simple steps and we will have a rewarding relationship from all sides! 

  • You meet all the eligibility criteria and your profile information is up to date
  • You select a payment option you prefer (i.e. either the "keep all your money" or "donate all your money" option)
  • We send you invitations by e-mail to participate in legitimate market research (almost always survey-based research)
  • You complete surveys thoughtfully in your own time
  • You receive a points value for each completed survey and these amounts accumulate in your MyThoughtsMatter+ account
  • After you reach the $10 threshold (6000 points), click on the "Redeem" button on in the "My earned points" area of your online profile we will process the requested payment

Keep your membership in good standing and participate indefinitely!

You may continue to participate indefinitely as long as you keep your membership in good standing — you do not have to participate in every survey you are sent, just often enough to show us you are still engaged as a panel member! And of course you need to always provide responses truthfully and with due care and attention.